About Us

We have exciting news. News that we're very proud of. News that will benefit our community and help shape the future of Sisters of Shred. 

We're now a registered Not-for-Profit. 
In becoming a Not-for-Profit, we endeavour to keep skateboarding equitable.

Our Mission
Sisters of Shred is a skateboarding initiative for beginners that connects sport, art, education and community outreach.

So what does this mean?
We'll be able to apply for funding that will help us dream bigger for you and with you. It means that the organization’s funds are maintained solely for the benefit of the community.

And why is this important?
We have so many projects brewing and events planned. Access to funding will help us see these ideas come to fruition. 

What will it look like?
We'll be posting info on our website shortly. We're striving for transparency, authenticity and accountability through this process. 

What will change?
For you, our community, it means more! For example, we will have more ambassadors to hold your hands at meetups, more events to learn together, and more gear available for you to borrow and try out. You'll also notice that we now have three co-founders Lisa, Alicia and Elisha. It's not lost on us that all our names sound the same! Are we a product of the 80s? Or perhaps the outcome of divine fate? Either way, we are stoked to see Sisters of Shred grow together.

What will stay the same?
The vibe! The meetups! The sweet hand-holding and connection to the Toronto skate world. Our love for you all.  

Keep following us on all the socials, coming to meetups, keep the conversation flowing, and get on your board!